Rules and Pricing

Please respect and adhere to the following rules to ensure that the Lakes can be continually enjoyed by all.

  • Gates open at 6.30am and close at 6:00pm. No Admittance before or after these times.
  • Day Fisherman must finish fishing and be leaving the lakes by 8:00pm or dusk (whichever is earliest).
  • Night fishing MUST be booked in advanced as numbers are limited
  • Anyone 16 years or younger MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult
  •  No music to be played on site at any times
  •  Barbless hooks only on all lakes
    No camp fires or BBQS. Calor gas stoves allowed
  • All matches and numbers for breakfast must be confirmed by phone at least one week before the competition
  • No bait boats
  • Unhooking mats at all times.  Failure to have one will result in you being asked to leave.

The owners reserve the right to ask anybody causing a disturbance to leave. No refund will be given.

Anyone over the age of 12 fishing fresh waters in England or Wales must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. These are occasionally checked by Environment Agency representatives.

You can buy a rod licence at the Post Office which allows you to fish with two rods.

Specimen Carp Lake

• Minimum line size of 10lbs to be used at all times
Unhooking mat to be used at all times
• Minimum 36 inch landing net to be used
• Ground bait and boilies in moderation
• No tiger or grape nuts to be used
• No keep nets. • Strictly no spinning
• No rod to be left unattended
• Please do not throw surplus bait into lakes – either take home or place in bins.
• Please use litter bins & toilet facilities provided.

Pike Rules

  • Available: 1st October – 14th March
  • Dead bait only – No live baits
  • Strictly no lures or spinners
  • Minimum of 18 inch trace and of 20lbs plus wire should be used
  • Minimum 15lbs line
  • Large forceps must be carried at all times
  • Unhooking mat to be used at all times

Match and Silver Fish Lake

• Ground bait in moderation
• Separate keep nets to be used for carp and silver fish
• All bream over 4 lbs to returned immediately
• No rod to be left unattended
• Please do not throw surplus bait into lake – either take it home or place in the bins.
• Please use the litter bins and toilet facilities provided.


Specimen Lake

  • £15 for up to two rods
  • £30 for 24 hours

Match and Silver Fish Lake

  • £165 to hire Match Lake for competition
  • £150 to hire Silver Fish Lake for competition
  • £12 for up to two rods
  • £10 for concessions